Unparalleled Innovations (UI) is a new marketing, public relations, and communications venture. It will be located based in Metro-Atlanta, where the company will offer virtual and remote services. The major challenges Unparalleled Innovations will solve include catering to the marketing needs of corporations’ advertising, branding, and public relations needs of companies. The marketing department of a corporation determines the success of a brand in the market due to the creation of awareness. However, many companies struggle with marketing due to technological and economic environment dynamics (Hoekstra & Leeflang, 2020). Therefore, there is the need for Unparalleled Innovations.

Unparalleled Innovations is the best choice for marketing challenges because of its well-trained, experienced, and innovative team of professionals. We are a partnership of two directors where one has 15 years of senior position experience in marketing and public relations. The other director has over ten-years of experience in a top position in the communication industry. The employees have been vetted and analyzed to meet the desired qualities of the accounting officer, creative team, and customer care representatives. With this team, the needs and requirements of customers will be met.

The major competitors of Unparalleled Innovations comes from the marketing agencies in Atlanta, including Tinuiti, Thrive, Phase3, NoGood, and Blue Sky. The key factors that distinguish our venture from the competition include omnichannel marketing providing seamless experiences and quality service delivery. A pricing strategy ensures that a company achieves its target goal (Sachs et al., 2019). The company will use a competitive pricing strategy lower than competitors to capture a bigger market. Our target market comprises individuals and companies that use marketing and communication services. The segments include middle-class and wealthy people who love traveling and eating out and own their businesses, health care and real estate professionals, start-up companies, and eventually large corporations that need marketing services.

The venture will be rolled out online using our social media platforms which will be used to give details of our locations and the products we offer. The implementation timelines will be between December 1st and December 7th. The first phase will be roll-out on social media. The second phase will be operationalizing our office and the third will be receiving clients and issuing brochures. The marketing plan involves using social media, referrals, brochures, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most companies and individuals are on social media; thus, it is easy to meet them on our social media platforms.

The estimated start-up cost of the venture is $20,000, which will be used for sponsoring digital advertisements, office equipment, insurance, software, and business licenses. The two partners, from personal investments, will fund the cost of the business. The revenue streams will be from providing marketing, public relations, and communication services to our clients. The projected income in the first year is anticipated to be $65,000, which will increase by 20% yearly.


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