19 Delta Express

19 Delta Express Transportation is a veteran-owned and operated hot-shot trucking business.

This logo was created in representation of the owners military career. The circle also represents consistency & completion.



The Virtue Collection

The Virtue Collection is a multifaceted, one-person company offering multiple collections from hair, nails, and fragrances. This company is built from love and wanted this portrayed in the logo.



Unparalleled Innovations

Unparalleled Innovations is a draft logo for designs created by me. This logo will support my vision for providing clients with exceptional & unique innovative services.

J2 360 Spinz

J2 360 spinz was my very first official logo design. This logo is significant to me because the owner wanted something vibrant and and rare. J2 360 Spinz is a high-quality 360 photo-booth rental company based in Columbus, Mississippi.