Invitations & Flyers

Explore Tuscaloosa

Physical guide provided for travels exploring the Tuscaloosa area.

Central High School Class Reunion

Informative digital flyer for a class reunion.

The Mills Family Reunion Itinerary

Recently, I planned a 4-day family reunion with over 150 guests. The next 5 flyers (including this one) are the official digital and physical documents for attendees.

The Mills Family Reunion Meet & Greet

The Mills Family Reunion All-White Affair

The Mills Family Reunion Picnic

Corporate Social Event

Flyer for a corporate referral appreciation event with over 250 guests.

Corporate Social Event

Corporate holiday themed flyer introducing a new specialist to a metro-atlanta oral surgery practice.

19 Delta Express

Digital and physical flyer created to advertise/promote a new business.

L&B Hand of Purpose

Digital and physical flyer re-created to better serve the target audience,
as well as, advertise/promote a new business.